World Class Chiropractic on The Cover of Family Values Magazine

World Class Chiropractic on The Cover of Family Values Magazine… Now a little more about Dr. Thomas Myers and his wife Laura:

Do you want to move to Peru ?” my husband asked after hanging up the phone. I sat there for a moment, silent. I thought he was kidding. Then I saw his smile—a sincere smile that said he wasn’t kidding. That was six years ago. It was the start of a life-changing experience.  A doctor’s office in Lima had asked him to spend a year giving chiropractic care to some of the poorest people in Peru .  This offer appealed to my husband’s generous heart.  He jumped on the opportunity to make a real difference.  A few short weeks, we sold all of our belongings and flew to Peru . We were heading for a new life, a new culture and a new language.

Immediately, the patients who stole our hearts were the children.  These children lived in houses where the walls were made of thatched mats, and the roof was either a thatched mat or a blue tarp.  They would walk daily down the litter lined streets where the pungent smell lofting into the air was nauseating, to purchase their food for the day.  With the extremely low amount of rain received in Lima, these children are very dusty, their little faces and tattered clothes are filthy, and cleaning their clothes and themselves is generally reserved for a highly contaminated river which runs through Central Lima.  Some of these children have shoes which barely consist of a sole, and some string to hold them together.  They inspired us to start an organization which provided shoes for more than 5000 underprivileged children in Peru . Tom graciously gave thousands of exams and adjustments to these children out of the love in his heart and his desire to give them care. 

During our time in Peru , we opened two chiropractic offices. It is amazing that Tom performed over 60,000 chiropractic adjustments in just over five years in Lima and we are now bi-lingual.  His patients included not only the children but also many well known persons too.  They included the Vice President of Peru, Congressmen, high ranking officials from many of the world’s Embassies, TV, radio, and sports stars, and a past beauty queen.   Tom was on TV and radio weekly, wrote articles for many papers, and gave talks several times per week all in Spanish!  On three occasions, Tom was invited to lecture to the doctors and nurses and other employees of the Minesterio De Salud (Health Ministry) in Lima .  The Health Ministry is essentially the governing body for the healthcare in Peru .  Since they were adding prevention to their healthcare system, Tom was asked how chiropractic could assist them.  It was incredible to see the people see the benefit of chiropractic care and live its miracles day-by-day. 

Tom has his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Exercise Science, with a concentration in Sports Medicine, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He also received an additional four years of training in the correction of Scoliosis and many other issues.  As his wife, I have the privilege of witnessing his amazing abilities.  I have seen his chiropractic care provide life changes for countless patients. He even was rewarded by having a patient name her son after him.  I know our children think of him as a hero and I do too. 

We have moved back to our home to be with family and open our Wesley Chapel office, “World Class Chiropractic” in Seven Oaks, just behind Sam’s Club. Join us now in celebrating our new office by calling 813-973-8883.


High Blood Pressure to Normal!


He is Finally Saying “Mommy” and “Daddy”!


Caden’s Allergies Seem to Have Disappered!


Ear Tubes Didn’t Work, Dr. Tom Did!

kenassembly_0091 My son began suffering with chronic ear infections at the age of 3 months. He had gotten to the point where the only way he could sleep was laying on my chest while I sat in a rocking chair. The doctors prescribed one antibiotic after another with each one being stronger. None of them worked. Shortly after his first birthday, we had tubes put into his ears. His pain had been relieved and he was able to sleep on his own and lying down. The only thing I really noticed was that in the course of a day, there were several times when he tried to tell me something and I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

At the age of 4, he began preschool and started showing signs that he was not able to understand what the teacher was saying. Although the doctors said that he didn’t have an ear infection, his hearing was very much affected. We were sent back to the ENT for a second set of tubes and an adenoidectomy. We are self employed and don’t have the benefit of group health insurance. The procedure was not covered by our insurance because it was “pre-existing”, it cost us about $12,000. The surgery went fine but, the side effects of the adenoidectomy were very unpleasant for him. After his operation, I had him evaluated by the county school board. The results of their testing were that he was within “normal range” for his age group. 

As a mother, you know when something isn’t right with your child. I continued to pursue answers for his complications and my pediatrician finally listened. The result was a referral to a wonderful tutor. She was able to help him with his learning issues and explained to me that we were going to have to make sure he was looking at whoever was speaking to him. He was going to have to “read lips” until we got things worked out with his hearing. It still brings tears to my eyes to even think about it. He has been seeing this tutor for about 6 months now and he has caught up with his kindergarten class. He is sounding words out now and very rarely does he say something that I cannot understand. However, this February he began complaining about his ear hurting again. I did the usual running to the pediatrician who, of course, prescribed antibiotics again.

I knew this wasn’t going to do it. The panic and fear started setting in on me. The true icing on the cake was when I caught my son testing his own hearing 5 days into his antibiotics. He would cover up one ear and turn the other one toward the television and then switch sides. I asked him what he was doing. He said that things sounded much softer on one side than on the other. It broke my heart to think that he was worried about not being able to hear again.

Now, the many hours that I waited for him at tutoring, I spent reading various books that were left in the waiting area. I noticed most of them were about alternative care. They covered everything from ADHD to what you needed to know about your blood tests. I thought, this woman who has spent over 30 years helping children with emotional and learning disorders really does believe that our bodies can heal themselves with the right assistance. Now I truly respect this woman and feel that she has been invaluable to my son. The light bulb finally went off! Why was I pursuing treatments that I knew were not going to work?

I began looking on the internet for alternatives. That is when I stumbled onto an article about Dr. Myers and his new office (World Class Chiropractic) in Wesley Chapel. I went to his website ( and read literally everything. I was convinced that he was the one I needed to take my son to see. I called and spoke with his wife and explained my situation. She was wonderful and assured me that Dr. Myers would help him. She even told me how every time one of their own children started to show signs of an ear infection, Dr. Myers would give them an adjustment and the ear ache was gone. Thankfully, they were able to get my son in that afternoon.

After the first treatment my son got into the car and told me that he hiccupped and he felt pressure in his ear. After the pressure passed he could hear better but, then it went back to being muffled again. The next morning he told me his ear only hurt a little bit. I had already made a second appointment for him. When I told him that he was going back, he looked a little concerned. I asked him why and he said that it hurt a little when Dr. Myers had worked on his neck. He said “I almost cried”. Of course I had to get more information from him about this concern of his. I asked him if his ear was feeling better. He said yes. I told him that it probably wouldn’t hurt as much the second time because some of the pressure had already been relieved. Not wanting to scare him, I left the decision up to him. He decided that he wanted to go back even though it might hurt a little. My brave little 6 year old boy had made a very grown up decision.

 After the second adjustment I asked him if it hurt. He said “just a little bit mom”. The following day, he told me the only time he even felt his ear ache was when he burped, sneezed or hiccupped. He just had his third treatment and he tells me everything with his ear is fine. No more pain or pressure! I feel like I have just witnessed a true miracle!

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Myers and his wonderful wife and staff! I have been telling everyone about him. If you are questioning yourself about this type of treatment, please, do as Dr. Myers says and listen to your body. God truly has given us all the ability to find help from within. I thank God everyday that I finally listened and found Dr. Myers. —–Kathy Qualye



I WAS taking 13 Pills Day… No More!




I would recommend World Class Chiropractic to anyone.

My case may or may not be unique. I was caught up in the vicious cycle of taking a prescription that caused a new symptom (side effect). A new prescription was added to mask that side effect and it continued until I was up to 13 pills per day. At my worst, I had a seizure and was hospitalized 6 different times. I was even told I was experiencing “panic attacks” and was medicated for that. Dr. Tom never badmouthed the four doctors I was working with, but only commented “no one knows your body as well as you do”. He saw me when I couldn’t hold my head up, was dizzy all the time, had constant ringing in the ears, blurred vision and tremors in my hands so severe I had difficulty writing my name. After not keeping my commitment to show up for a treatment, Dr. Tom actually called my home to encourage me to come in. Up until then, I couldn’t seem to make myself move. I went in for a treatment and he kept encouraging me to come the next day. He even had a nutrition expert call my home to discuss my medications.

Within 2 weeks, I was symptom free and had no further need for medication. My doctors were covering up symptoms with pills and Dr. Tom wanted to relieve me of the symptoms by fixing the problem. I have not had this much energy in years. I have gone from being 55 going on 80 to feeling like I am 30 again. I thank God Dr. Tom didn’t give up on me and would have to give him credit for saving my life. His kindness, sincerity and guidance brought me back from a downward spiral that I was not likely to return from. Now, I can’t wait to get my adjustment and know that I am taking care of my health and wellness going forward.

God bless Dr. Tom!!!!! Craig Joines


Off Road Biking Preformance Improves!



I am an off road bike enthusiast, and I have been a patient of Dr. Tom’s for about 3 months. When I met him I was having lower back pain every morning. It sometimes took quiet a while before it would go away. To my surprise and delight, not only did the pain almost completely vanish, but I noticed an immediate effect on my riding. I had increased balance and agility. It was amazing to me, but in the time that I have been seeing Dr. Tom, my overall performance on my bike has improved dramatically!

Thanks Dr. Tom!!! Gregg Irving